Frequently Asked Questions

What Topics Are Covered?

You can view a table of contents that includes key concepts for each of the 24 sessions here.

Are there preview materials available?

Yes - you can download preview resources here.

Can I review the entire curriculum before purchasing?

Since Purpose is delivered digitally, we do not offer a full review of curriculum. If there are specific sessions you would like to see a preview of beyond the samples available above, we can share up to three additional sessions for preview.

What is the cost of Purpose?

Purpose is a subscription-based resource and has two price tiers - one for parishes that subscribe to Edge Support, Life Support, Combo Support, or Premium Support and a second for parishes that subscribe only to Liturgy Support or do not have an active subscription. Non-subscribed parishes subscribe for $299 their first year and subscribed parishes subscribe for $199 their first year. The renewal rate for non-subscribed parishes is $200 for every subsequent year and the renewal rate for current subscribed parishes (at the time of their renewal) is $99 for each subsequent year.

Why is this a subscription rather than a one time purchase like One Eight?

Purpose provides more than just curriculum; it offers a platform that helps youth ministers perform administrative tasks and communicate with Core Members, parents, and teens. Since we are utilizing this digital platform, the subscription cost helps offset the recurring cost of running the app platform while maintaining routine updates. Additionally, we will be providing updates to content annually to keep our videos current and our content relevant to the life of a teenager.

How do I get the subscriber pricing?

In order to unlock the subscriber pricing, a parish must login to the Life Teen store using the e-mail address that was used to purchase their current subscription.

What if I don't know what e-mail address was used to purchase the current subscription or someone else purchased it that has either moved on or I can't get a hold of?

Reach out to our MyStaff team via Live Chat on our website and we can quickly get you all set up with a change in login once we confirm your subscription.

Do I need to renew my subscription every year like the other Life Teen subscriptions?

Your subscription to Purpose will auto-renew at the correct rate every year on the same card you used to make your initial purchase. If this card information changes prior to the renewal and you don't update it, your subscription will expire and you will lose access to Purpose.

If I subscribed at the non-subscribed rate, but later on subscribe to Edge Support, Life Support, Combo Support, or Premium Support can I get a refund for the difference between the non-subscriber and subscriber rate?

If you subscribe to Purpose and then later on during the year subscribe to Edge Support, Life Support, Combo Support, or Premium Support we cannot offer a refund for the difference between the non-subscribed and subscribed rate for Purpose. Your subscription, however, will renew at the subscribed rate.

Can I lock in a subscriber rate for Purpose if I choose to drop my Edge Support, Life Support, Combo Support, or Premium Support subscription?

No - your Purpose subscription will renew annually for the correct rate for your current subscription. If you subscribed to Purpose using a subscriber rate, but during the course of the year stop your Life Teen subscription, you will renew at the non-subscriber rate.

Can you bill my parish for this product so I don't have to pay by credit card?

No - we do not do parish invoicing for this product.

Why the higher subscription price for the first year?

The first year you subscribe to Purpose you will receive a Purpose Kit in the mail. This special box of resources contains all of our supplementary materials for teens, sponsors, and parents for you to preview and keep on your shelf.

What resources are there for teenagers? Is there a textbook or student journal?

There is no textbook or student journal for Purpose; there are, however, several supplementary resources for teenagers we highly recommend with this approach to confirmation. These include our Foundations series books, the Inspired Bible companion, 100 Saints Every Catholic Teen Should Know, and 100 Things Every Catholic Teen Should Know. These are all included in the Purpose Kit you receive with your first subscription.

What resources are there for parents and sponsors?

We've created a full-color guide with all of the teachings, adapted for adults, found in Purpose called the Purpose Story Guide. This beautiful guide is a great companion for parents and sponsors as they journey with their son, daughter, or candidate through the confirmation process.

How do I get the leader guide content?

All of the content required for running Purpose sessions is found through our digital platform. This content may be downloaded onto your desktop or laptop. There are no physical copies of this content.

Are there video teachings?

Purpose includes access to several videos that are incorporated into the sessions. The videos are not all teachings, however, but supplement the session content. We firmly believe that the presence of a youth minister, Core Member, parent or priest to provide teaching content is critical to the credibility of those teachings. We do want to provide video content that engages a visually driven generation and sparks conversation, without replacing the role of the local catechist and evangelist. These videos can all be downloaded through the digital Purpose platform.

What is the difference between One Eight and Purpose? Is it the same curriculum?

No - Purpose is a brand new curriculum developed with the input and feedback of several youth ministers, directors of religious education, and priests. The model is set up to be kerygmatic and help guide teenagers through the Gospel message, ending with an understanding of how the Catholic Church is a continued sign of salvation for all people.

Can I get other Life Teen materials in the app?

Not at this time.

Can I still run a Super Saturday / Super Sunday like we did with One Eight?

Yes - simply schedule the sessions in the calendar all on a Saturday. The benefit to this scheduling is it also generates a schedule for your day that all parents, teens, and Core Members can view. You simply need to choose what sessions you want to present on each Saturday.

Is Purpose on the USCCB Conformity list?

No and the reason why is simple - there is no textbook. Only textbooks are eligible for conformity review. This is not an indication that the content within Purpose is not sound nor does it signal that it has been "rejected" in any way. Additionally, our desire is to continually update the content within Purpose, further making it difficult to submit for conformity review. In developing our content, we have referenced and used Sacramental Protocol III, which is the guiding document for publishers that wish to submit their material for review.